What we Offer?

We provide efficient and cost-effective Old AR clean up services and generate revenue from where you do write off normally. Old AR causes a significant financial burden on your practice. By availing our Old AR services, you just rest assured as you have made the right decision to enhance your bottom line by cleaning them. We effectively handle all issues pertaining to your old AR claims and facilitates your staff to focus more on providing professional services instead of worrying about collecting the Old receivables.

Cut down your Old AR collection cycle by just couple of weeks

Cleans up the "noise" of your AR by taking out unpayable claims

Identify potholes and put in place solutions to maximize revenue thru our Old AR service

No change / new technology required in your current process, We work on your system.

Swift delivery due to our "OLD AR Recovery" engine

State of the Art report shows the health of your Practice’s Top denials and much more

Convert your obstacles into financial success; enhance profitability; reduce administrative costs

Flexible & adaptive approach converts our clients to move on to complete RCM process

You just plug in to your system to strengthen your billing process based on our ideas