An Old AR Recovery Service to Manage Your Accounts Receivable
Leaving money on the table? No worries! We’ll get it back to your bank!

Revenue Cycle Management is a constant challenge for medical practitioners as well as multi-specialty hospitals. Maybe the Old AR are low-balance and therefore, low priority. But it isn’t uncommon for old AR to account for 20-40% of revenue over 3 years. By the time you realize it’s a problem you can’t ignore, it’s grown into a mammoth that demands your time, effort, resources and expertise. Meanwhile, your everyday insurance receivables keep pouring in, engaging your accounting staff completely.

That’s where we come in.

Our Old AR recovery specialists, with years of experience in the industry, know just how to collect on old accounts. Our teams are trained on accounts receivable tips and techniques to maximize collection for your practice.

Here’s how it works

On signup, you are immediately assigned an Account Manager. He or she will be the point of contact for you for any information, guidance or concerns.

Step 1

Aging Report Access

  • The first task is to get access to your Practice Management System to run the Old AR report. Or, the practice can provide the Old AR report in a spreadsheet.

Step 2

Claims prioritization for follow-up

  • The report data is analyzed with respect to payer-wise filing limit and aging-based high-dollar claim value.
  • The claims with high charges are prioritized in each age bucket. Those claims are followed up with the required payer first. The same process is applied for all the age buckets (180+, 150, 90, 60 and 30).
  • Claims that are nearing the filing or appeal limit are also flagged for immediate action.

Step 3

Analysis and resubmission

  • The old ARs are processed by our technology solution. We get real-time claim status for all major insurance companies including Aetna, BCBS, UHC, Cigna, etc., irrespective of the number of claims.
  • The outstanding AR is analyzed to understand the reason for claim denial or rejection - an incorrect code, documentation problem, etc. The error or discrepancy is rectified, and the claim is resubmitted to the payer.
  • Resubmissions are followed up aggressively by our trained staff.

Step 4

Cash Posting

  • Once the payment for a claim is received, it is posted into the patient’s account to balance the outstanding collectable.

Step 5

Patient Statement Generation

  • In case there is any patient responsibility as per the EOB, that portion is transferred to the patient bucket.
  • The statement is processed as per the practice protocol in the revenue management software.

Step 6

Tailored Reporting

  • We provide customized reports for the hospital or practice, showing the status of each claim.
  • The reports provide clarity to the providers, setting the expectations on collections and timelines, what claims are non-collectable and why, root cause analysis, and so forth.

Step 7

Recommendations to enhance your AR Management System

  • Medical coding, documentation, payment-posting and even operational errors are discovered during old AR recovery.
  • Our experts make recommendations to optimize collections on receivables.
  • This is an opportunity for practices to course-correct processes and systems to reduce future claim rejections, denials and under-payments.
Our Old AR Recovery service is being used by Billing
Companies, freestanding ERs, Cardiology Groups, Hospitals, and more in various states of US.